The Dollar Solar / OpalStorage solution is simplicity at its best.

The Dollar Solar / OpalStorage solution is simplicity at its best.

Dollar Solar is delighted to be an appointed Dealer for OpalStorage.

We believe the OpalStorage system to be the most viable Solar Storage system on the market. This is an all-in-one battery, inverter and panel solution.

We use the market leading LG Chem Modular 6.5 kWh Battery in either a single or double configuration, that is 6.5kWh or 13kWh of storage. OpalStorage combines this great hardware, in one Cabinet with an IP 54 (Outdoor) rating along with the compelling Solax 5kW Hybrid Inverter. This also works with Three phase and Single phase wiring.

We are able to offer two OpalStorage based products, based on the size of the included battery, either is 6.5kWh or 13kWh of storage.

Both OpalStorage systems utilise an array of 24 x 275 watt Tier 1 Talesun panels. This provides 6.6kW’s with an average daily output of 26.4kW. More than enough for most Australian homes, and even power hungry users.

For more information, please see either our 6.5kWh or 13kWh OpalStorage information pages.

The OpalStorage products sit alongside our ground-breaking 5kw solar systems package, which at just contains best in class technology including and a . Our 5kW solar system package has proved to be a very popular option for many New South Wales, Queensland and ACT families as our package provides great value and quality Tier 1 hardware and full installation by local qualified installers. 

Please contact Dollar Solar on 05 08365527 or our contact page, to discuss our great 6.5kWh, 13kWh's OpalStorage products or our  5kW solar system offers.

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