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Are all solar panel systems the same?

A Grid Connect Solar System is manufactured from a variety of components such as solar panels, inverters, aluminium frames & stainless steel fasteners. The quality of each system component is important to the overall functioning of the system.

Solar panel systems are not equal and Dollar Solar uses components from world leading manufacturers in Asia, Germany, USA & Australia. Please note, that Asian product are now on par, if not more reliable than a lot of the European products, and most European Companies now manufacture in Asia.

How long will installation take?

In most cases, installation will take only one day for a 5-10 kW system.

Are your systems resistant to storm damage?

Our panels are designed to withstand exposure to the elements including rain, hail and wind. Your panels are more resistant to extreme weather than a standard tile roof. Hail damage: Our solar panels have been designed to withstand a 16 pound bowling ball dropped from three stories or hail of 25mm in diameter, at a velocity of 52kph. They are extremely resistant to withstand Australia’s harshest conditions.

How much electricity will my 3 kw system generate?

Based on NASA’s 22 year average you would expect to generate around 11kWh per day. However this will be determined by the amount of daily sunlight, panel orientation, and panel angle. Optimum positing in North or however orientation within 45° east or west of north results only in marginal power losses with a roof pitch of 30° and with 25°C temperature.

What maintenance is required?

All you need to do is keep the panels free from obstructions (eg heavy dust, salt, leaves, etc). The weather usually does this for you. The systems have no moving parts so they require minimal maintenance and every installation comes with a user-friendly user guide outlining the system and everything in it.

Can my roof support the weight?

Solar panels do not add much load to your roof and no structural work will be required. The panels with mounting structure are only 15kg per m2.

What happens on a cloudy day?

A solar power system works when direct or diffused light hits the solar panels. The system will still operate on a cloudy day but not as efficiently.

What happens at night?

At night the system will produce no power. You can still purchase power from the grid as you normally do, or look to install a battery.

Will a solar system affect the value of my home?

Yes. Your property will increase in value by at least the net cost of the system. It is an asset that will add value to your home and appreciate in value with your home. Any upfront costs you have to pay will be recouped if you ever sell the property. Until then you have free clean green electricity.

Can I add further solar panels to my system in the future?

You can add further panels to most systems up to the capacity of your inverter. If you plan on adding more panels later, we recommend you install an appropriate equipment. Please ask us for the best advice on upgrading down the track.

How can I track what electricity is being sent into the grid?

A new electricity meter is fitted to record how much electricity goes from your house to the grid. This meter will make sure all your electricity is accounted for.

What are the Warranties?

We provide a comprehensive warranty on all solar components. At Dollar Solar we only use our proven solar panels that are backed by comprehensive warranties and have performance data that is independently tested.

Panels are warranted for 25 years – A 25 year manufacturer’s performance warranty applies to solar panels. The manufacturer warrants the panels will produce at least 90% new power output for 10 years and at least 80% of their new power output for 25 years under equivalent solar conditions.

A ten year manufacturer’s defects warranty applies to all solar panels. The manufacturer reserves the right to ascertain the output of the solar panel using standard test conditions.

Inverters: All inverters have at least a five year manufacturers’ warranty.

How much does it cost to Install a system?

Prices range. From a 3 kw system at $3990, the prices vary according to location and building type, and market value.


  • 4kW Solar System Package
  • £3990
  • 14.8kW Average Daily Output
  • 13 x 285 watt (3.7kW) Tier 1 Canadian Solar panels.
  • 3.6kW GoodWe inverter with 5 year warranty
  • Quality panels and inverter
  • Clean Energy Accredited
  • Extended Warranties
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