Record 6 months for solar!

Record 6 months for solar!

More Australians installed solar systems at their homes and business in the year to July than in any previous 6-month period.

According to the figures released by solar industry analyst Sunwiz, 93MW of solar capacity was installed on homes and businesses in June 2017, taking the total for the six months to July to a record 475MW.

The figures certainly highlight the growing realisation for Australians that electricity prices are out of control now, and that a fossil fuel dominated grid is not the way to effective economy. Solar gives homes and businesses more control over their impact on the environment, and finances!

Sunwiz claims that solar now has a foothold in approx. 25% of Australian homes. The data shows that Australia now has 5.83GW of rooftop solar installed on 1.71 million homes and businesses. Queensland leads the way with 1.77GW – bigger in capacity than the state’s largest coal-fired generator.

Perhaps because businesses are facing even larger electricity prices increase, they (businesses) account for approx. 1/3 of all installations in June 2017. Many of these business installations were in the 50kW to 100kW ranges.

With consumers facing grid electricity prices rises of around 20% across the board from July 1, 2017, it is expected that the rate of solar intake will only increase.

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