Residential solar panel, inverter and Installation packages

*All packages priced on single story, pitched tile roof, standard installation and site.

We support local installers.

*Priced on single story, pitched tile roof, standard installation and site.

Delivery to major urban areas. Delivery to residences outside these areas at cost. 

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  • 4kW Solar System Package
  • £3990
  • 14.8kW Average Daily Output
  • 13 x 285 watt (3.7kW) Tier 1 Canadian Solar panels.
  • 3.6kW GoodWe inverter with 5 year warranty
  • Quality panels and inverter
  • Clean Energy Accredited
  • Extended Warranties
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Are all solar panel systems the same?

A Grid Connect Solar System is manufactured from a variety of components such as solar panels, inverters, aluminium frames & stainless steel fasteners. The quality of each system component is important to the overall functioning of the system.

Solar panel systems are not equal and Dollar Solar uses components from world leading manufacturers in Asia, Germany, USA & Australia. Please note, that Asian product are now on par, if not more reliable than a lot of the European products, and most European Companies now manufacture in Asia.

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The Latest News

Dollar Solar is delighted to be an appointed Dealer for OpalStorage. We believe the OpalStorage system to be the most viable Solar Storage system on the market. This is an all-in-one battery, inverter and panel solution. We use the market leading LG Chem Modular 6.5 kWh Battery in either a single or double configuration, that is 6.5kWh or 13kWh of storage. OpalStorage combines this great hardware, in one Cabi...
Both fortunately and unfortunately, we will be changing our 5kW solar system inverter supplier from Sungrow to GoodWe. Fortunately, because we consider the GoodWe 5kW inverter to be an upgrade to the Sungrow. All GoodWe inverters come with WiFi as standard with your solar data uploaded to the GoodWe monitoring portal every few minutes. Users can then view the results via a smartphone app or web browser. The a...
Recently Dollar Solar made the decision to offer ABB inverters as part of the standard package on our 10kW systems. Why? What’s so good about an ABB inverter? Well, for a start, let’s go back a little. ABB, as a company has some history. Lots of it. ABB can trace their lineage back to 1883 in Sweden, as ASEA and 1891 in Switzerland as Brown, Boveri & Cie. ASEA and BBC, also formerly kno...